Richmond, BC, Canada – May 13, 2016

Mineral Hill Industries Ltd. (the Company” or “Mineral Hill”) wishes to announce that its Board of Directors (“BoD”) has, in a unanimous vote, accepted the consent and appointed Dr. Juergen Focke to serve as Director of its subsidiary Global Environomic Systems Corp. (“Environomic Systems’).

Starting this week, for the next six months Dr. Focke will coordinate on behalf of the German Foreign Ministry the assistance programs in respect to severe health services, food supply and waste management within the refugee camps of Turkey, Syria and Iraq. The assistance programs will involve the building of mobile schools, hospitals and sanitary equipment to avoid possible cholera outbreaks.

Dr. Focke served as Liaison Officer (Lieutenant Colonel, Res.) to VII US-Corps and Bavarian State Government Spokesperson for Commander Multi-National Corps Northeast and was Director of Public Affairs at WBK IV-Territorial Army-Legal / Political Advisor at German General Academy. Since 2015, Dr Focke was engaged with Malteser International as Logistic-and Field-Coordinator. Malteser International is a relief agency of the Sovereign Order for humanitarian aid with over 100 projects annually in some 25 countries throughout Africa, Asia and the Americas and its aim is to provide emergency relief after disasters and support recovery efforts with a focus on sustainable development. As Logistic-and Field-Coordinator, Dr Focke was also responsible for  the entire logistics chain, including transportation for the reconstruction work in Nepal and coordinated all field activities after the earthquakes which affected areas of Sindupalchowk and Kavrepalanchowk, ensuring the provision of food-kits and nutrition for approx. 75,000 people as well as the construction of three Field Hospitals, 42 Community-Center and over 450 houses including winterization, waste management and training programs.

The Company also established an additional advisory board for Environomic Systems and will nominate competent advisors for its subsidiary over the next six months with the goal of establishing the first plant of the patented double-pyrolysis waste-converting technology


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