CPS Energy Resources Plc (“CPS”) is a UK Company with a 80.75% working economic interest in the Production Sharing Contract for a large gas and oil block in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

Mineral Hill Industries Ltd (DBA: “MassEnergy”) is presently in the process of acquiring 45% of the outstanding shares from twelve present shareholders of CPS. MassEnergy has also the “Right of First Refusal” to acquire further 8% of CPS’s outstanding shares from two additional shareholders of CPS.

CPS was established in Nov 2012 with the purpose of enabling value creation in the African oil and gas market at the early stage of exploration and appraisal through the acquisition of high potential exploration and near-development acreage in proven basins.

In March 2014 the Nigerian Government announced that gas production in Nigeria needed to be tripled in order to double electricity production and announced domestic gas prices would rise to international levels over a three year period.


MassEnergy is integrating Global Environomic Systems Corp. as a subsidiary with the right to a unique patented waste to energy double pyrolysis technology.

The Enviro-X System is one of the most advanced and patented technologies in the world to convert organic carbon based waste to fuel and high value by-products like activated carbon, fertilizer in avoiding air pollution or any residues to be land filled in a most efficient way to the following carbon based wastes: